Funeral Transfers

Sydney/North Shore/Northern Beaches
Welcome to Barrenjoey Transfers! We are sorry for the families, couples, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, and spouses who have lost a loved one. At Barrenjoey Transfers, we can help you to honour your loved one by helping you transfer their casket to the cemetery. We can help you with the funeral details, while giving you space to grieve for your loved one.

Our professional chauffeurs respect our customers’ loss and respect the memory of a loved one by wearing a black suit, white shirt, and black tie, for the sombre occasion. We can help your family and friends get safely to the funeral service or the cemetery, in our white or black limos. Each limo has plenty of headroom, legroom, and comfy leather seats. We give you space to grieve, while our professionally trained chauffeurs drive you to the cemetery.

Count on us to get you and your loved one to the cemetery

Many families want to give their loved one a proper send-off by holding a service in a church. If your loved one was religious, there are several such locations near Sydney’s Northern Shores. Families might ask a pastor or priest to lead the funeral or memorial services for a loved one.

Which churches provide funeral services? Willow Creek Community Church is an option; they are a non-denominational church. Some Australian churches, such as Leichardt’s Baptist Church hosts services for its members only. Many churches hold services for non-church members on payment of a fee.

Honouring your loved One

We can help get you to the funeral services at the church or cemetery on schedule. We can drive you so you do not get lost. If you do not know where to find cemeteries or churches, we can help you! There are many churches in the North Shores, Sydney area, including Northside Community Church, and Royal North Shore Hospital Chapel in St. Leonards. The Royal North Shore Hospital Chapel is a good choice because it is just 5 metres from Sydney’s CBD.

One of the best places families can lay their loved one to rest is the Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium. Built in 1933, the crematorium took 17 years to completion. The grounds are one place family members can honour their loved one’s memory.

Let us drive you safely there

Our professional chauffeurs can help drive you safely to your loved one’s funeral service, so you can safely grieve in a comfortable setting. At Barrenjoey Transfers, our drivers are trained to lead you and the funeral guests, safely, where you need to go. We provide the funeral transfers you need, anytime of the year.

Let us help you honour your loved one and safely handle your funeral transfer. Please call us at 1300 557 668 or email us at You can personally come to inspect our fleet of funeral limos by visiting us at Shop 6/1710 Pittwater Road, Bayview NSW 2104. We can discuss and pre-arrange what you need to honour your loved one properly.